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There are multiple options available for convenience of consumers in India. Now you can order Bliss of Earth Surya Tapi Shilajit easily and in multiple quantities with discounts.

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Do you wish to know how to Order Shilajit?

There are multiple options available to order Shilajit from Bliss of Earth. You can order online on our e-commerce website with Cash on Delivery (COD) payment option. You can also make payment online with credit card, debit card, many banks netbanking option, paytm, UPI.

Why Order Shilajit from Bliss of Earth?

“Bliss of Earth Shilajit: The Purity of Himalayan Resin Discover our Shilajit sourced from heights above 18,000 feet in the grand Himalayas. Handpicked and meticulously purified, ensuring freedom from impurities. It’s an infusion of over 80 trace minerals, bio-actives, and fulvic acid – a direct journey from the Himalayas to your plate.

Pristine and handpicked from the mountainous Himalayan landscapes, Bliss of Earth Shilajit brims with nutrients and compounds that enhance your health. This natural stamina booster ensures your energy remains intact, especially during exhausting days.

The purest form of Shilajit, as Resin, embodies its authenticity and nutritional richness, surpassing the versions in capsules or powders. Bliss of Earth Shilajit stands free from heavy metals, pesticides, and chemical toxins, ensuring it’s your ultimate choice for fortifying your immune system. Extracted using the ancient Surya Tapi method, guaranteeing the highest Shilajit quality.

Safe for both men and women, consuming Bliss of Earth Shilajit is simple: mix a tablespoon in green tea, milk, or lukewarm water. Blend thoroughly and take it on an empty stomach in the morning to reap its maximum health benefits.

So Order Shilajit today and meet the better version of yourself soon!


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